Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught

27/07/2014 23:24
Micky Rosenfeld Truth is famously the first casualty of war, and the Israeli war on Gaza is no exception. Yesterday Jon Donnison of the BBC pulled the rug out from under the Israeli government’s pretext for the Gaza onslaught with a series of tweets about a conversation he’d had with Israeli...

Now it’s revealed Barbara Castle drew up dossier on VIP paedophiles: File seized by Special Branch 'heavy mob'

26/07/2014 00:12
  Horrified: Labour peer Baroness Barbara Castle, pictured, tried to expose a ring of paedophiles   Special Branch officers seized a paedophile dossier naming Establishment figures drawn up by Labour peer Barbara Castle in the 1980s, it was claimed yesterday. Officers...

Foundation of Mass Mind Control

25/07/2014 23:16
by Jon Rappoport   May newest collection, Power Outside The Matrix, contains a lengthy writer’s tutorial. Aside from practical advice, I stress what freedom means to a writer, what it really means in terms of available energy. And one thing it means: symbols, as they are received and...

Women, children, UN staff killed in shelling of school in Gaza

25/07/2014 05:57
From RT A Palestinian mother comforts her child, after what medics said was an Israeli shell that hit a U.N-run school sheltering Palestinian refugees, at a hospital in Jabaliya in the northern Gaza Strip July 24, 2014.(Reuters / Finbarr O'Reilly) Women, children and UN staff were among those...

Israel-Gaza conflict: Deadly flechette shells 'used by Israeli military in Gaza Strip’

25/07/2014 05:39
    The tiny arrow-like ammunition, fired in their thousands in a tank shell, have been described as carrying ‘a particularly high danger of harming innocent civilians’ Adam Withnall   The Israeli military is...

NSA & GCHQ Psychopathic Gaslighting

25/07/2014 04:24
Blair Lorimer (GNC Editor) You may not be aware of it, but you are being Gaslighted by Intelligence Agencies, as they try to alter your reality to suit their own agenda. For those unaware of this psychopathic tactic used by predators/aggressors, let us have a look some descriptions of this mental...

With ISIS Now Controlling 35% Of Syria And Most Of Its Oil Fields, Iraq Issues An Ultimatum To The US

25/07/2014 04:16
Source: Zero Hedge     Remember when the extremist Al Qaeda spinoff ISIS (or, now known as Islamic State following the formation of its own caliphate in the middle of Iraq and Syria) was still a "thing" two weeks ago? In this case out of sight does not mean out of mind, and while...

Journalists and Anti-Vax Campaigners Could Be Considered Terrorists Under UK Law

25/07/2014 04:15
Source: Motherboard     The UK's terrorism laws are so broad they could be applied to journalists and their supporters, as well as crimes that have nothing to do with terrorism, according to a new report from the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation. David Anderson...

UAE ‘offered to fund Israel’s Gaza offensive’

25/07/2014 04:11
Source: The Peninsula     DOHA: The UAE knew in advance of Israel’s plans for an offensive in Gaza and even offered to fund the operation provided the militant Palestinian outfit Hamas was eliminated in the process, Israel’s Channel 2 claimed in a recent report, according to local...

Apple has installed security backdoors on 600m iPhones and iPads, claims security researcher

25/07/2014 04:01
Source: Independent     Apple has been accused of intentionally installing security backdoors in some 600 million iOS devices that offer surveillance-level access to data including photos, browsing history and GPS locations. The vulnerabilities were uncovered by security expert...

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