Thought Crime: UK Leadership Wants To Ban Predicted 'Extremists' From Social Media, TV, Events

01/10/2014 01:39
Source: Tech Dirt   Theresa May, the current UK Home Secretary, has announced that, if re-elected, her party (the Conservatives) will push for "extremist disruption orders" which would effectively ban people declared "extremist" (using a very broad definition) from using social...

UK fracking lobby gets OK to drill beneath your feet as public protests

01/10/2014 01:34

Washington's experts recruit 'Call of Duty' creator

28/09/2014 22:58
Source: Space War A Washington think tank is recruiting the mastermind behind the best-selling "Call of Duty" video games to help policy wonks imagine future wars America may have to fight. Dave Anthony, whose blockbuster gaming franchise has earned billions of dollars, is among a group of...

Managing a Nightmare: The CIA Reveals How It Watched Over the Destruction of Gary Webb

27/09/2014 00:08
Source: The Intercept     Eighteen years after it was published, “Dark Alliance,” the San Jose Mercury News’s bombshell investigation into links between the cocaine trade, Nicaragua’s Contra rebels, and African American neighborhoods in California, remains one of the most explosive...

Globalized wars: Anyone can fight against anyone

27/09/2014 00:06
Source: Failed Evolution   The plan evolves according to the willing of the elites as nation-states approach their permanent dissolution From Ukraine to Middle East, we see all kinds of fighters of various nationalities fighting on both sides. Private armies, mercenaries and fortune hunters...

David Cameron Says Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS

27/09/2014 00:02

More Scots Join SNP in a Week Than Scottish Labour’s Total Membership

25/09/2014 01:38
The Scottish National Party (SNP) has doubled its membership since its independence campaign ended in a narrow defeat last Thursday, overtaking the Lib Dems as the third largest UK political party. Since last Thursday's vote the party has gained 22,104 new members by Monday evening, taking its...

Thousands petition White House to consider ‘Cop Block’ a terrorist group

24/09/2014 22:25
Source: Police State USA   Cop Block’s logo Police accountability has been enjoying surprising strides in recent times through the efforts of online activism and social media. That success has been followed by a number of spiteful statists working to undermine those efforts. One of...

Telling It Like It Is On Israel

24/09/2014 04:53
It’s high time growing numbers of critics speak out forthrightly.  Israeli high crimes against peace are too egregious to ignore.  It’s essential to maintain a steady drumbeat of truth. It’s crucial to enlist growing numbers to demand accountability. Israel’s 20% Arab population is...

David Cameron's family fortune: the Jersey, Panama and Geneva connection

24/09/2014 04:38
The Gaurdian Offshore venture in tax haven – named after family home in Aberdeenshire – valued at £25m David Cameron embraces his father during an election rally in Swindon in 2010. Ian Cameron helped establish Panamanian investment fund Blairmore Holdings Inc. Photograph: Toby...

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